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Visitor Visa

Visitor visa is visa issued for short time that permits visa into a foreign country and staying there temporarily for a maximum period of 6 months. Visitor visa is of single entry or multiple entry that allows entry more than one time. We assist you in proper documentation, booking cheaper flights, hotel booking and accomodation, interview training. We provide visitor visa services for Canada, USA, UK, Australia and many other countries. We have done many applications for types of visitor visa like business visa and will be able to guide you properly to reach your desired destinations.

Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) : Temporary Resident Visa is type of visa required for short time visit to foreign countries for maximum of 6 months or more depending on the country. Sometimes, international students who wish to pursue a short-term course of less than six months in Canada are also required to apply for a visit visa or temporary resident visa for Canada.

Super visa : These type of visa are availed to parents or grandparents by permanent residence or citizen of particular country. Super visa allows them to visit , stay with their children maximum upto 2 years. The validity of super visa is 24 months. After 2 years of stay by children/grandchildren, they can apply for immigration of their parents/grandparents.

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