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Pre Land - Visa Services

Relocating to a new country is not an easy task, especially when the candidate doesn’t have any friends or relatives. Do you know the immigration is only the 30% of the whole migration process? Migrating to a new country includes a lot of preparations. Marg immigration takes care of the rest 70% with their inclusive as well as personalized placement and settlement to aid you to settle easily in the country of your preference.

How we help you? Have a look

  • Job Search : In any foreign country, finding the job is really difficult. Our immigration specialists make the job search easy for you by suggesting the job profile that suits best to your conditions. We will make you informed about where you can search the news related to employment and career.
  • Resume as per international standard : We guide candidates to make necessary changes in their resume. We suggest them to upgrade their educational qualification and gain additional professional skills which are essential in the country they are moving to.
  • Employment Readiness Course (ERC) : The ERC program is a program which is designed to cover issues linked with taking up a job in the foreign country. These issues are like helping candidates in learning work ethics, essential skills and making them globally competitive. We help the candidates to make them aware of the job responsibilities which is useful to them in choosing the right one.
  • Orientation Sessions : These sessions are very important for a hassle-free and smooth stay in the country. Our specialists impart the candidates with necessary knowledge of the country in which they are moving. The orientation sessions are quite helpful for people to make them aware of several things like banking, social life, life insurance, health, work, education etc.

The candidates who are looking for quick and smooth migration to overseas countries, for them our pre-landing services are quite helpful. These services are really worth when candidates want to save their time and effort. Our pre-landing services familiarized candidates to the conditions that they would be expecting challenging in the overseas country.

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